Nowadays, Rolex not only has its own luxurious and high quality watches, but it also has its own watch winder, namely the official Rolex watch winder. If you plan to purchase one, you have to consider something first, so you can choose which watch winder that is perfect for you. Below are several factors that you need to consider first before you purchase a new watch winder. 

Storage Capacity

The first thing that you need to consider while purchasing a watch winder is it’s storage capacity. If you want to store several luxury watches at once you can definitely choose the large watch winder. Usually, it can store two to four watches at once. This kind of watch winder is also suitable for you who own a lot of timepiece collections. A large watch winder can also keep your watch from hard surfaces and it can also shield your watch better compared to smaller watch winder. 


The next thing that you also need to put into consideration while purchasing a new watch winder is the sound. Many buyers often overlook this criteria. Therefore, before you decide to buy a watch winder, you better analyze the noise first. Commonly, watch winder that are overly noisy when in use tend to have a poor quality. Apart from that, a lot of noise can be annoying too, especially if you place it in your bedroom or living room. Therefore, try to purchase the silent motor watch winder. 

Rotation direction 

Commonly, the ideal watch winder is the one that can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. It is risky to choose a watch winder that can only rotate in one direction because it can make your watch’s mechanism wear over time. 


Last but not least, don’t choose watch winder that are very cheap. That’s because the cheapest or overly cheap watch winder tends to have poor quality that can affect your watch negatively. Moreover, it also can cause over-winding, magnetism and even damage your watch. Therefore, choose a watch winder that has a high quality element such as an Official Rolex watch winder.

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