Automatic watch owners need to understand the ways to maintain a watch winder for their collection. The so-called watch winder is a crucial tool to ensure the best performance of automatic watches, and you can choose the best watch winder brands for your watch. Unfortunately, improper care of that item will affect its capability to do its job every day.

Enough Power to Run the Box

Some people store their wristwatches in the box of winders without paying attention to everything else. Unfortunately, that is not the right way to take care of the watch winder. One of the things to ensure when using it is its power supply. Without enough power, it can’t run appropriately. So, check on the specifications of the box for the possible power sources to incorporate. It can be using AC power, rechargeable internal battery, or standard batteries.

The best thing to do on this aspect is to check on its power supply every three months. On the other hand, if it uses AC power, it is best to check the electrical specifications of the area. In another case, it can be using the power of a DC adaptor. The adaptor has to meet the specs of the box for sure.

Stay Away from Direct Sunlight

Another way to maintain a watch winder is to put it away from direct exposure to sunlight. The array of the sun can damage its exterior after a while. Moreover, the heat will eventually damage the internal section of the box at some points. Places like the office desk, bedroom drawer, or living room cabinet are best to store it. To clean its exterior, use a soft cotton rug with a bit of water or mild solvents. That way, the watch box will stay beautiful and functional for a long time.

Use It Accordingly

It is a general term to understand that automatic watches require specific turns every day to stay functional. On the other hand, each winder has its best performance in terms of the turns per day. It is best to use a winder according to its capability. Using it with the wrong wristwatches may damage either one or both of them in the end. Never underestimate the importance of taking care of any automatic watch winder box.

Understanding this kind of thing is fundamental for new owners or collectors of automatic wristwatches. Both of them need proper care for them to deliver their best functionalities. In the end, it is that simple to maintain a watch winder the right way.

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